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Summon thy Friends...

Once per day you're allowed to @ a user you haven't seen on Armor Games for a long while.
If they respond on this thread, you get a point! A simple game...
Rules :

  • The user must have not have been seen on Armor Games for over 2 weeks.
  • You may only contact one user each day on this thread.
  • Please do not pick random strangers, know the person you're contacting.
  • Once a person has been contacted on this thread, they may not be again until the following year.
  • If the person doesn't comment back on the thread, but comments elsewhere on the website - you may link to where they posted. The duration must be within a week of you @'ing them.
  • A reply with a callout to the user who summoned you, does not count.
  • Check the thread for already summoned users; doubles (or more) only count for the first one to summon the same user.

Winners :

This is a sneaky way to get our friends back in the forum.
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Yeah, @SportShark she deleted her account last year. Possibly even before that. The memory's faded by now. I hope that you'll see her again soon, but it won't be here.

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